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There are many YouTube channels that feature car racing games, but here are some of the most popular ones:

Top 13 NEW Racing Games of 2021: This channel is run by gameranx, a gaming news and review site. They upload videos about the latest and upcoming racing games for various platforms, such as PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Switch. They also compare the graphics, gameplay, and features of different games. Some of the games they cover are Forza Horizon 5, Hot Wheels Unleashed, F1 2021, and more1.
Racing Video Games: This channel is dedicated to arcade racing games, such as Need for Speed, The Crew, Forza, and Driveclub. They showcase the gameplay, customization, and online modes of these games. They also upload videos of real-life car events and races. They have over 1.3 million subscribers and more than 600 million views2.
RACING GAMES: This channel focuses on mobile racing games, such as Asphalt 9, Need for Speed No Limits, Real Racing 3, and more. They upload videos of the best cars, tracks, and tips for these games. They also compare the graphics and performance of different devices and platforms. They have over 200 thousand subscribers and more than 50 million views3.

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