In this video I’m going to show you an after patch methode to merge your service cars in the auto shop. I show you how to give this cars F1 tires which looks awesome. This is very easy, so let’s get started. To let this glitch work you need to have Tony as your phone contact, you need a bunker, and an autoshop with a service car on the lift.

We starting in the bunker. Just enter your bunker and walk out.
Transport yourself to the auto shop, it does not matter how you get there.
Enter the car with the mods which you want to give to your service car. When you are using an F1 car, we sure the tires are not from stock.
Make yourself a CEO. Call Tony, request club management, and press D pad right to customize your vehicle. Wait till you get kicked out the custom shop.

Now go to the service car on the lift. Press on modify the customer’s vehicle. When the glitch is working the car will be merged with the F1 tires.
You only have to purchase the car and save it in one of your garages. Because the job from Tony is still running, you have to wait till the time is ending. When you are with a friend, your friend can also purchase your cars.

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