Pit stops and tire wear have been a feature in the Gran Turismo series since the very first game, although for a long time they were mostly limited to endurance races. Here you can see what a pit stop looks like in every Gran Turismo game when pitting at the same time as the AI opponents.

0:00 Gran Turismo 1 – Pit Stop at Grand Valley
0:45 Gran Turismo 2 – Pit Stop at Laguna Seca
1:30 Gran Turismo 3 – Pit Stop at Tokyo R246
2:14 Gran Turismo 4 – Pit Stop at Suzuka
3:04 Gran Turismo 5 – Pit Stop at Nürburgring
4:09 Gran Turismo 6 – Pit Stop at Silverstone
5:10 Gran Turismo Sport – Pit Stop at Blue Moon Bay
6:08 Gran Turismo 7 – Pit Stop at Watkins Glen

In Gran Turismo 1 and 2 tire wear was only active in the endurance races but in GT3 it was used in a bunch of other events as well. Gran Turismo 4 introduced fuel usage and an actual pit crew animation during stops.

In GT 4-6 the refueling starts immediately but in GT Sport and GT7 it only begins after the tires are changed, so you can save time by not changing tires. As you can see in the GT7 clip Portilla enters the pit behind me but he leaves quite a bit earlier due to not changing tires.

I always put a lot of effort into these evolution videos and this one was no exception. I could have just recorded a quick stop after lap 1 in each game but instead I spent many more hours on this video, so that I could show you what it looks like when you stop together with the AI.

This actually revealed some interesting details. In GT2 you will ghost through the other cars as they are turning into their pit boxes but in GT3 you will crash into them, so you can actually lose a bit of time if you are entering the pit right behind someone.

In GT Sport and GT7 the other cars are hidden while in the pit lane, so you can respawn inside of another car if you exit the pit lane at the exact same time.

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