Can you imagine a time where there were two officially licensed F1 sims for the PC? F1 2000 was the first F1 sim of the new EA franchise. Image Space Incorporated developed the PC version, and because of their recent success with Sports Car GT expectations were high. For its time the sim was reviewed well, but it wasn’t until the 2001, 2002 and ultimately 99-02 versions where the series reached its legendary status. Perhaps best left to nostalgia, F1 2000 is indeed interesting to come back to years later.

I used DGvoodoo 2.62.3 to get the sim operational on Windows 10, and even then it barely works. I was not able to find a configuration which would work consistently.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 Background
3:15 Game Modes
4:10 Cars
7:07 Tracks
9:36 Race 1: Australia
15:36 Race 2: Spa
21:13 Race 3: Monaco
28:05 Race 4: Indianapolis
35:47 Final Thoughts