Is the F1 2021 game the first Formula 1 title you’ve bought in a while? Or is it even your very first?

Once you’ve played through the superb Braking Point story, you’ve still got vast swathes of the game still to play and things get a little more difficult.

The latest F1 release will guide you along to some extent, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you on your way, which is why we’ve created this video.

From tyre wear, to ERS management and slowly weaning off the assists – here’s how to get quicker bit by bit as a beginner.

Some of these may be obvious for the seasoned campaigner, but hey, everyone must start somewhere. Let us know in the comments below your advice for those just starting out too.

Watch our F1 2021 game review:

How Good Is F1’s Braking Point? | The Traxion.GG Podcast, Season 2, Episode 7

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