The brand new Reveal Trailer of F1 2021 Game has released and the game has been announced for 16th July 2021! I tell you all the details about F1 2021’s new features like Braking Point Story mode, My Team Career, Multiplayer/Online, Coop Career, Pre order and game edition details like early access, handling changes, F1 Esports and plenty more! Sit back and relax because we got lots of information about F1 2021 already.

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0:00 Release Date
0:45 New F1 2021 Cars & Tracks
1:02 Braking Point Story Mode
2:15 Coop Career Mode
2:49 Real Season Start
3:20 My Team Career Mode
4:38 F1 Esports Integration
5:07 Multiplayer
5:48 Handling Model
6:33 Next Gen Consoles + Free Game Upgrade
7:02 Returning Features
7:23 Pre-orders and Game Editions
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