In today’s Racing 101 lesson, we learn how to use Manual Gears in F1® 22 and why you may want to use them in your next race.

Having full control over your car’s power unit is an important skill to master, and can also help you manage wheelspin when driving in the rain or without Traction Control. Once you’ve mastered Manual Gears, you should see a significant improvement in your laptimes.

0:00 – Why use Manual Gears?
0:22 – Manual Gears Explained
1:07 – How to Shift Up Gears
1:34 – What is Short-Shifting?
2:03 – How to Shift Down Gears
2:43 – What is Engine-Braking?
3:08 – How to Learn any track in F1® 22

Check out this playlist for tips and tricks in F1® 22! 🔽🔽🔽


Some of these guides were made for F1® 2020 and F1® 2021, but the skills you learn will carry over to F1® 22 as well 👍

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