Red Flags, Upgraded car handling model, F1 World, Braking Point 2? F1 23 has just been revealed and these are just a few new game features that EA has announced for the new game. Let’s go over everything you need to know!

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First off, the game will feature 2 new tracks from the real life season: Qatar and the popular Las Vegas circuit. These tracks will be playable at launch, among the other tracks on the 2023 calendar. The France, China and Portugal tracks will also still be playable.

Red flags will be reintroduced into the game, meaning the race can be stopped mid-race due to a crash or debris that is too big for just a safety car to come out on track.

The red flags aren’t the only thing to influence race strategies in F1 23, as the 35% race distance used before in F1 Esports, will also make an introduction in the F1 23 game.

Multiplayer will finally get some extra love in F1 23, with crossplay staying, and the introduction of the F1 World hub. In the F1 World hub, you will be able to complete challenges in both offline and online modes to level up and unlock car upgrades, team member upgrades and cosmetic upgrades. These levels will be called Tech levels which unlocks those upgrades. The upgrades can all be used to improve the performance of your own F1 World car.

Added to F1 World is a complete safety rating system that will place you in races with online players with a similar skill level as you. Coop & Split Screen returns and there will be a new League Racing system through RaceNet.

The handling of the cars has been upgraded to make the behaviour of the cars more predictable, which is a very welcome change after how easy it was to spin on F1 22. The cars are confirmed to have better traction when braking, accelerating & cornering. Adding to that, controller players should have an easier time in F1 23 due to a new technology called Precision Drive which will give controller players a better control over the car in-game.

Braking Point will also be returning for another instalment, which will build on the story we have seen in F1 2019 and F1 2021 with Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler who will be teammates at a new F1 team called Konnersport Racing Team. A new female character called Callie Mayer who is Devon’s sister will be part of the new storyline too.

The game will release on PS4/5, Xbox Series X/S & One, and PC via EA
App, Epic Games Store & Steam. These will be the minimum and recommended requirements for systems on PC on Steam.

There will be 2 versions for the F1 23 game;

Standard edition
– Release: 16th June.
– F1 World Starter Pack
– 5.000 PitCoin

Champions edition (Digital) – Pre-order have to order before 31st May
– 3 days early access: 13th June
– F1 23 Pre-Order Las Vegas Pack
– Max Verstappen designed in-game items
– 4 new My Team icons
– 4 new Braking point 2 My Team icons
– Braking Point 2 customisation items
– F1 World Bumper pack (sounds like one of those equipable car parts for F1 World)
– 18.000 PitCoin

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