Hey everyone welcome to the NEO ONE channel. I started YouTube around 03/19 to show people how i money grind and to help people along the way…1 year later now and having helped 1000s of people make millions on Gta online. i’ve also helped people get started on youtube and set up streams, help support them as much as i can with what i know. Still learning myself also so hopefully over the next few years i can learn and help people a whole lot more.If you need help with money and dont have many friends online i can help with that and any questions or advice about youtube also.My psn ll_NEO_ONE_ll message me about anything 😉

Legitimate GTA Online player over rank 1300

Money grinder with over 1 Billion in the bank and 2.7 Billion overall income

Leader and owner of the NEO1 crew – All legit money grinders $$$

Looking to take the crew over to GTA6 to become the best money grinding crew ever made.