The quality of sim racing software and hardware is improving at a rapid rate, and aside from not being able to feel all of the motion of a real-life car, sim racing is one of the closest to real-life, of all the gaming options out there.

So, how close is sim racing to the real-world, what are the differences and if you’re fast in a sim, will you be fast in a real-world car?

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Chris Haye
Playseat America
Sim Racing SK
Lando Norris
Sauber Motorsport

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I’m Scott Mansell from Driver61, and if you’re new to the channel I’m a real-world racer and coach. Over the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve been getting deeper into sim racing, which I absolutely love. I see it as a supplement to real-world driving, and I believe the cross-over between the two is going to get much deeper going forward.

Thank you to Chris Haye for lending me his beautiful footage. Check out his sim racing channel here:

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