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How to create a car racing game in Unreal Engine 5? In this tutorial you will learn how to create a racing game using only Blueprints. You will learn how to setup your car in UE5 and create a Time Attack game.

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Music: Corona by Alexander Nakarada ()
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0

00:00:00 Support us 😀
00:00:11 Introduction
00:01:25 Project Creation
00:02:27 What is a game?
00:03:18 Defining our game
00:03:58 Setting the rules of the game
00:16:05 Create a checkpoint
00:40:41 Driving mechanics
01:02:37 Timed Checkpoints
01:15:10 HUD
01:33:21 Animation when time is added
01:41:50 Trigger the time added animation
01:48:27 Change the level materials
02:03:56 Create tools to decorate the map faster
02:40:29 Create a spline base solution for the curves of the track
02:56:02 Adding and decorating the checkpoints
03:05:49 Using the foliage tool to add tree trunks
03:13:52 Using the foliage tool to add trees
03:25:45 Working with decals
03:39:43 Physics actors to increase the difficulty of the game
03:51:22 Adding the car engine sound
04:08:31 Adding a car brake sound
04:22:57 Adding car crash sounds
04:34:40 Add Camera Shakes when the car crashes
04:45:25 Polishing the checkpoints with SFX and validations
04:56:43 Changing the way the game start using the level blueprint
05:01:22 Changing the way the game ends
05:07:09 Using sequencer to enhance the game win
05:16:29 Win game user interface
05:28:49 Lose game interface and sequence
05:37:01 Creating an executable file by packaging the project
05:49:08 Common problem when you package the game for the first time
05:51:22 Finish the packaging
05:55:34 Fixing the asphalt material and Conclusions

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