Do you want to know how to get faster in F1 2021? 🤔

By using the tips in this video you’ll be on the right path ✅

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In today’s guide I’ll show you how to get faster in F1 2021.

We’ll be looking at the path a driver must take to improve, how they can learn, and the methods they can use to track their progress.

Many of the concepts from real-world racing can apply to F1 2021 or your game of choice, and the skills you learn in one title can easily carry over to another.

The good thing about simracing is that your skills carry over from one title to another, so even if you’re not an expert by the time you’re done with F1 2021, you’ll have a head start when you jump into future F1 games or even other racing games like Project CARS, Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa, iRacing or Gran Turismo.

00:00 – Getting the Basics Right
00:48 – Turning off the Assists
01:12 – Setting your Goals

01:30 – Practicing with Purpose
01:45 – Having a “Home Track”
02:10 – Light Training Every Day
02:43 – Don’t Burn Yourself Out!

03:24 – Learn from the Pros
03:33 – Study Esports Players
03:58 – Learn from Real-Life

04:26 – Improvement Takes Time
04:43 – It’s Okay to Make Mistakes


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