This video ranks the top 10 free sim racing games.

Abandonware Online Emulator – Racing Games:


Classic Racers:

Copa Petrobras de Marcas:

F1C VB Installation Video and Links:

GPL 2020 Demo All-In-One Mod:

GPL Traditional Demo Installation Video and Links:

Live For Speed:

NR 2003 Installation Video and Links:

Project Cars Pagani Edition:



RBR 2016:

My name is Daniel and I am just a casual sim racer who makes youtube videos.

Historic Sim Studios Patreon:

0:00 Introduction
0:16 ASRX
1:06 Live For Speed
2:05 NR2003
3:00 Copa Petrobras de Marcas
3:57 Racecraft
4:56 Project Cars Pagani Edition
5:54 Online Abandonware
6:48 Richard Burns Rally
7:41 Classic Racers
8:43 Grand Prix Legends
9:44 Raceroom
10:44 F1 Challenge VB
11:48 Conclusion